Accidents occur daily in homes, the workplace, on the streets and roads and also in the pursuit of leisure and sports activities. In this regard, rugby is no different to any other contact sport and unfortunately, player injuries which occur from time to time can be of a serious nature.

The cost of treatment and ongoing care for longer-term serious injuries continues to increase considerably and for that reason, it is imperative that players be alert to the necessity for adequate and proper insurance coverage.

Gorey RFC strongly recommends all players, as well as parents of Youth and Mini players, to look closely at the level of insurance that they have in place and also the top-up options available.

In particular, we would suggest that parents of school-going players look closely at the options for insurance cover through the schools. Many schools offer Pupil Personal Accident Insurance and in most cases this will include the option of 24-hour insurance cover. Depending on the insurer and individual policies, your child may be covered for their leisure/sporting activities, including rugby, carried on outside of the school hours and school grounds. This 24-hour cover can be provided from as little as €10 for the year, which is just a €3 supplement on the normal school-hours-only policies.

Gorey RFC in conjunction with the IRFU already has a limited insurance scheme in place covering players for serious, catastrophic injuries following accidents whilst active in rugby. Please note it does not cover ongoing loss of earnings, fatal collapse (unless caused by accident), medical expenses or illness.

This cover provides the following benefits following an accident: 

Loss of two limbs and/or the loss of both eyes or one limb and one eye
Loss of one limb or the loss of one eye
Permanent total disablement
*Severe injury involving loss of use of two legs and two arms additional

*Severe Injury Benefit is payable as an additional benefit where the insured person has lost the use of both legs and both arms, e.g. a permanent total disability which involves the loss of use of all four limbs will pay €650,000 + €850,000 = €1,500,000.   Certain definitions/conditions/restrictions apply to these benefits. Full details are available from the Union's Brokers; Aon.

Details of Additional Personal Accident Cover for Individuals are available from the IRFU's brokers AON

AON Insurance, Metropolitan Building, James Joyce St., Dublin 1. 

Telephone: (01) 266 6000


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